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Privacy Policy

- Your personal information?

When you purchase products through our website, your personal information such as name, address, etc. is used individually to confirm payment details and ensure credit card validity with your financial institution. All personal information is entered securely on the site and encrypted through the SSL system and we do not work to discloseany information to a third party for any purpose whatsoever.


Personal information is provided only for the purpose of completing your financial transactions.

- Payment is safe

If you choose direct payment to complete your purchase, this is done through secure and encrypted payment via SSL system. This can be confirmed by seeing the lock icon on the upper left corner of your browser, and this indicates that the site is fully encrypted and protected. This site securely encrypts sensitive credit card information in the customer’s browser to complete its transactions through a secure payment method. All direct payment methods adhere to private security standards, as it supports brands such as Visa and MasterCard, helping to protect the information of the credit card and its service providers.

 -Website security

To protect your personal information, we follow strict procedures and best procedures to ensure that it is not lost, misused, accessed, disclosed or damaged. All information is encrypted using SSL technology and kept encrypted. This can be confirmed by viewing the lock icon on the upper left corner of your browser. This indicates that the site is fully encrypted and protected. We follow all requirements of protection systems.

- Questions and contact information

If you want to get any information about you with us, work to correct or delete it, register a complaint or simply want additional information just contact us by sending an email at

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