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Ro5sa, is a trademark registered in the Sultanate of Oman and owned by ( JALAD Investment ), and it is an online store that contributes to the development and upgrading of the community also wider solutions in the world of technology, which helps in facilitating electronic commerce with the lowest cost and effort possible.

Our message
Creating new and fast solutions in order to facilitate the movement of electronic commerce and meet the needs of customers easily and quickly

Our vision
Promote and facilitate the e-commerce movement, and provide services that keep pace with technological progress

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Speed: We know from your time, our honorable customer, so we work hard to reduce the waiting period of your order and the product to reach you as soon as possible
Quality: Our dear customer, we care a lot with quality and strive to receive all that is useful
Continuous Improvement: The Group is always working to reach the best in your service, dear customers, and to take your suggestions to improve its services


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