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Return policy

It is not allowed that any of the software products that are provided (digitally) be re-sold or used or activated by another user, therefore the return request will be rejected in this case. As a user of the program, you are also expected to verify the suitability of the software for your computer system before purchasing. Always refer to the product description to see the compatibility of the system and other download requirements, or refer to the most frequently asked questions or help section if necessary, or contact us at any time.

: Refunds are made only in the following cases

Not receiving -
In rare cases, some problems may occur in your email provider or the mail provider so that it does not allow you to receive private mail from us or the mail ends up reaching the junk folder or the spam file. In this case, we recommend that you check these files or contact us for assistance and work to resend the email or send another email address. Non-access cases must be reported to the customer service department within 7 days from the date of the request. Otherwise, the arrival and loading of the product will be considered successful. And if you do not work to communicate with us during this period, in the event that you remain silent and we do not receive anything from you regarding an order, you agree that the product or program download was successfully completed without requiring later for any refund or replacement due to non-receipt.

 The main disadvantages -
Although products are checked before release, some errors may occur unexpectedly. If we fail to work on correcting these problems within 48 hours from the date of the actual complaint or notice provided by the customer, the money will be returned to the customer in full or according to the customer’s choice to exchange the product itself or at its equivalent value.

Not to describe the product -
This issue should be reported to our technical team within 30 days of the date of purchase. A clear guide to the purchased product must be provided as it has not been described on the site. Complaints based on customers' guess and wrong expectations are not taken into consideration.
Our technical team is always happy to assist you and provide professional support to you in a timely manner

Guarantee of products
All the products we offer are original and with a warranty of only one year from the date of 

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